Guardian of Safe Working Hours

I was appointed as the Trust Guardian of Safe Working Hours in July 2018.

I have been a Consultant Anaesthetist in Blackpool Teaching Hospitals since august 2015. My special interest is inpatient pain, colorectal cancer surgery and upper limb surgery.  I am also an educational supervisor within my speciality, and delivering pain education across both undergraduate and foundation year trainees. I am also involved in delivering tutorials in anaesthesia for fellowship exams in the region.

Dr Andy Ng
Dr Andy Ng

The role of the guardian is to ensure safe working hours for junior doctors under the 2016 contract requirements. I am keen to ensure the terms and conditions within the new contract are enforced.  I work closely with medical education staff to support junior doctors during their time in Blackpool. A key part of the 2016 contract is the introduction of exception reporting which has been successfully rolled out in Blackpool. We have an electronic reporting system to ensure prompt and rapid access for junior doctors and their supervisors. We also have in place formal and informal junior doctor forums on a regular basis to garner feedback on working conditions across the trust. We encourage attendance and engagement at these events as we value any input from the junior doctor workforce.

Junior doctors will form a large proportion of the future NHS workforce. It is vital that there is a balance of training needs, service provision and time outside work during their period of employment in Blackpool. I regard all junior doctors in the trust as potential future consultant colleagues or colleagues in primary care and the community. 1 of the key factors to attract retention of staff is to provide a safe and sustainable working environment. I look forward to working together with all junior doctors in the trust with the aim of providing this working environment. Please do contact me directly or via the Guardian of Safe Working Hours Office if you feel we can be of assistance.

Junior doctors also have a personal responsibility to ensure they are fit and safe to work and do not work excessive hours outside their main employment.

I also NEED YOUR HELP to participate in a Junior Doctors Forum that will help oversee and monitor compliance with safe working hours and in addition help provide valuable insights and advice on how we can change and shape junior doctors rotas in this Trust.

To View the Guardian of Safe Working Hours Report click here.

If you would like to discuss any issues around working hours or wish to participate and help me I am happy to be contacted by email

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