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Itchy feet? Please stay with us.

How can we help?

We want to keep all our staff but recognise there are times when you can have ‘itchy feet’ at work.

You may be looking for more of a challenge, ready to develop and learn more skills, ready to take on some study or unfortunately could be just thinking about leaving and looking elsewhere.

These feelings can be triggered by an event in the workplace, something that maybe didn’t go well or was upsetting, or sometimes it can be a build-up of feeling fed up, burnt out, stressed or just under appreciated.

We recommend that you have a ‘stay’ conversation- the first place to turn is your line manager or supervisor to express how you are feeling, or to talk through your options and we have put some useful links for staff and managers  to support a career conversation.

However, if you feel you cannot talk to your manager, and do not have a trusted colleague to turn to, then please contact one of us within the Workforce Advisory and we can try to support you with arranging a coaching conversation, to help explore your options.

Further career information can be accessed here