Recognition as a Trainer

To become recognised after 1st August 2016, i.e. anyone not on the NHS E trainer database and any new Consultants / Trainers will need to:

  • Attend a taught course that is DME approved and externally accredited e.g. by Academy of Medical Educators, Royal College or HEI to prepare them for the supervisor role.
  • Present evidence that this maps against the 5 / 7 domains, by providing a minimum of 1 piece of evidence from each of domains 1–4 for CS and 1–6 for ES.

Alternatively, trainers may be able to submit 1 piece of evidence from each of domains 1–4 and 7 for CS and 1–7 for ES, acquired gradually from a variety of sources.

To retain recognition trainers are required to undergo annual appraisal which includes evidence of educational CPD.

  • This would be demonstrated by one piece of evidence covering domain 7 (CPD) per annum – with 3 separate types of evidence in any 5 year period.
  • Over the 5 year recognition period trainers must submit 1 piece of evidence from each of domains 1-4 for CS and 1-6 for ES.

If you would like to become and Educational/Clinical Supervisor you will need to complete the following document : Educational & Clinical Supervisors - Evidence Document

Please send this & any supporting documents to, who will take this to the Director of Clinical & Medical Education who will review and approve/decline.

Once you become a recognized trainer,  you MUST ensure evidence is provided at your yearly appraisal and that this is documented in the appraisal summary section.

Trainer Recognition – Further Information 

The webpage about Trainer Recognition is titled Trainer Standards and is part of the educator development webpages.  It is at:

This material contains links to the 2016 and 2017 newsletters which describe the process and are still relevant.  There have been newsletters since the ones on the site, but these refer back to this earlier guidance, which is based on the GMC and AoME guidance and is unchanged.

There is also a helpful document on objectives which will assist ES and CS collect supporting information for recognition or refresher.  This is at: Objectives for Educational Leaders Appraisal 2017

There are also some useful documents at: NWPGMD Resources

 This material will be reviewed in the early autumn.  We shall also be adding a version of the recent email I circulated about the e-learning-for-health modules which can assist in collecting the supporting information for trainer recognition while College and other courses are unavailable.