Pre-Employment Checks FAQs

How long will my CRB take to get processed?

The CRB turn around times are 4-6 weeks.

How long will my pre-employment checks take?

Pre-employment checks can vary, due to the candidate and post etc. However, on average it can take 3 - 4 weeks.

I have supplied 2 references on my application form, why have I been requested to provide more?

If your references do not cover the last 3-5 years of your employment history, you will be requested to provide further referees.

What are the steps in completing pre-employment checks?

1. Two copies of a conditional offer letter will be sent to the successful applicant which will include -

  • CRB application form if required for the position
  • Guidance on how to complete the CRB application form
  • Occupational Health Form
  • Additional forms which are required for each individual organisation.

2. The recruitment administrator will request references from the referees that the successful applicant has indicated on their NHS application form. The referees will be asked to complete a questionnaire, taking into account the requirements of the job description and person specification.

3. The Recruitment Team will also check the following -

  • Identity
  • Right to Work
  • Professional Registration
  • Qualifications

What happens if a member of staff starts prior to completion of the pre-employment checks?

If a Recruiting Line Manger asks a candidate to start prior to sign off by the Recruitment Team, this becomes a risk for the following reasons -

  • CRB may come back with disclosures on it
  • References may not be acceptable
  • Occupational Health may request a referral

Once the person is in post, it is more difficult to terminate the contract.

What happens to staff who have retired from their Organisation and return to a bank post?

If the member of Staff returns within 3 months

If the role they are returning into is the same, the pre employment checks do not need to be repeated. If the role is different and the current CRB is not at the right level this would have to be re-done. Occupational Health would also have to be re-done.

If the member of Staff returns after 3 months

All pre-employment checks have to be re-done i.e. References, Right to Work, Occupational Health, Professional Registration and CRB (where appropriate).

What if the applicant has changed their name recently and cannot provide ID documents in this new name?

Employers must only accept identity documents in the applicants’ previous name where they are able to provide documentary evidence of the recent name change because of:

  • Marriage/civil partnership (i.e. marriage/civil partnership certificate)
  • Divorce/civil partnership dissolution (i.e. Decree absolute/civil partnership dissolution certificate)
  • Deed poll (i.e. deed poll certificate)

What is a Direct Hire and what is the process for this?

A Direct Hire is a member of Staff who has been recruited outside of the process, i.e. not been recruited through the HR Recruitment Team.

Members of staff who have been recruited as a Direct Hire would need all pre-employment checks completed retrospectively to ensure compliance with NHSLA/CQC and audit requirements. Depending on the post they are in, they could be suspended until pre-employment checks are completed.

When do pre employment checks start?

The Recruiting Line Manager needs to complete the Offer/Contract Request Form with all the details of the successful applicant(s). Once this has been received by the Recruitment Team then the pre-employment checks will commence.