Work Experience FAQs

List of available Work Experience FAQs

Am I required to undergo a CRB check?

A CRB is not required to undertake a placement at the hospital as you must be fully supervised at all times.

Am I required to undergo an occupational health check?

Yes. The occupational health form is at the back of the application form. You are required to gain evidence of your immunisations from your GP and send to the work experience co-ordinator along with your completed application form. Please see the GP advice notes at

How do I apply for work experience?

You can apply by visiting The directory of placements shows you all the placements we have to offer. Please print an application form and return to the address shown on the form stating the chosen area and the placement dates. Please note forms should be returned at least 6 weeks prior to placement.

How will my placement be confirmed?

As soon as you receive occupational health clearance, you will receive a contract outlining your placement details.

I would like to shadow doctors while on my placement. Is this possible?

Unfortunately the shadowing of doctors is not permitted due to patient confidentiality.

What are the working arrangements for each placement?

The working arrangements vary. You can check the arrangements by looking at the directory of placements by visiting

What is the uniform policy?

You should arrive for duty smartly dressed, black long trousers or a calf length skirt with a white polo shirt. Clothes should allow for a range of movements. You should wear shoes that cover the whole foot and be black and low heeled (1”). Trainers or pumps are not acceptable. No jewellery is to be worn at anytime. Your hair is to be worn off the collar and tied back. No nail varnish or false nails to be worn.

Who can apply for work experience?

You can apply for a placement with the Trust if you fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Possess a keen interest in a career within the NHS.
  • Have a need to demonstrate work experience as part of an application for a recognised academic course.
  • Need to complete specific work experience to complete vocational training.
  • Be attending school, college or higher educational establishments within the local community.
  • Must be resident within the catchment area of FY1 -8, PR4 or LA1 – 6 postcodes.

Will I be interviewed?

No. Although you will be expected to complete an application form, detailing the reasons to undertake work experience.

Will I get paid expenses?

All placements are unpaid. The Trust cannot meet any costs towards travel, subsistence or accommodation.