Notes for Managers

It is your responsibility to work with the staff you manage to ensure they complete their core skills and role essential training.  It is also your role to identify and agree any additional Role Essential  training / competencies they will need which are not present on their current requirements.

The Trust is encouraging employees to complete their core skills training via e-learning which has been developed and approved by HEE (Health Education England) and to use workbooks as a last option if attempts to access e-learning have been exhausted.*

If there are issues accessing e-learning within your area there are several support resources available to our employees.  Help with completing e-learning can be accessed by either contacting an ESR team member for support over the phone or by booking a supported session with the ESR team.   The ESR team are pro-active in supporting our colleagues and will offer group sessions if required. Please e-mail to access these methods of support.

*Managers are responsible for marking the workbook, discussing any incorrect answers with the employee, signing off the workbook, ensuring a copy of the completion statement is sent to OLM and keeping a copy on your personal file.   If e-learning is undertaken there are no requirements for marking and this is done automatically/electronically.

Additionally, you are responsible for:

Releasing staff to attend/complete their training

This involves releasing them to undertake core / RE e-learning; either on your own area or within the Trust library/ IT training rooms.

Checking that your staff have completed their core skills and role essential training

This includes checking any core skills or RE training before releasing them to attend any other type of training, development opportunity, conference or event.

Monitoring the progress of mandatory training uptake within your teams

This can be done via ESR dashboards; you can continue to use the appraisal process to ensure completion / compliance / incremental progression.