Work Experience Programme

On this page you can find information about our Pre Medical School Work Experience Programme.

The Pre Medical School Work Experience Programme takes place over three days. It aims to ensure students gain an insight into their future career in the NHS and will also help with applications to Medical School. The programme takes place  three times throughout the year (Easter and twice in the summer period).

If you are thinking about a career in one of the health professions, work experience offers the chance to see what the job is really like. It may confirm your career choice or open your eyes to other options that you haven't considered.

Feedback from Previous Attendees

  • "It was a wide range of departments which I enjoyed"
  • "One of my favourite aspects was the Emergency Department as I was able to witness how the doctors and nurses deal with stressful scenarios"
  • "It was very useful as we have been given a larger insight of the clinical environment, I enjoyed every aspect of the programme and I found it all extremely useful".

Follow this link to view the full feedback we received from our 3rd - 5th April 2023 session. 

Useful Resources

2023 Pre Med School Work Experience Poster 

Application Form

Learner Agreement 2023 (Terms and Conditions)

Work Experience Flowchart 

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