Taster Days

Taster Days (FY1 & FY2 Trainees)

“A Taster is a period of time, up to 5 days total, spent in a Speciality in which a Trainee has not or will not work as part of their scheduled Track placement, which enables the development of insight into the work of the Speciality and which promotes careers reflection.”

See the Taster Day application form for an example schedule.

How do you apply?
    • Taster days can be arranged in most specialities. If your area of interest is not delivered within Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, then you may look to other Northwest Trusts to participate in a taster experience. If you do not already have a link or contact within your area of interest, please contact the FPA who will be able to help with contacts within the Trust. External contacts will need to be sought by yourself.
    • Taster experiences cannot be undertaken within specialities that you have a rotation in during your 2-year foundation programme.

Please note the following:

  • Taster days will be subtracted from your 30 day FY2 Study Leave allocation (20 of which are for the internal teaching programme)
  • The five days can be split over one or two Specialities
  • You are responsible for organising your Taster Days, with Foundation team support
  • Local placements should be chosen where possible
  • Do not schedule during the last two weeks of July, to avoid the new FY1 shadowing
  • Once done, complete the Reflection Form on HORUS to evidence your Taster Day(s) – failure to do this will prevent the approval of subsequent Study Leave applications

NOTE: Before booking a Taster Day(s), we recommend booking time with a consultant within that department to discuss a career within their Speciality.  Contact their secretary directly to arrange this.

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This page was last updated in November 2023.