Freedom to Speak Up Training

Freedom to speak up (FTSU) training

The Trust is committed to ensuring that all staff can speak up, openly and safely when they see something that causes concern.

Training has been developed to make staff aware of FTSU, how to speak up and as a manager, how to deal with any concerns that are raised.

What is happening?

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is rolling out FTSU training across the Trust. This e-learning training will be allocated to all staff training profiles from 01st April 2023

Why is this happening?

The implementation of FTSU across the NHS is to provide all staff with a process for raising any concerns they have, in a safe manner and being supported appropriately.

By undertaking training, we can make all staff aware of this service, and its impact can lead to more concerns being raised at an early stage, which can then be investigated, and solutions sought whilst maintaining the wellbeing of our staff and leading to improvements in patient care.

What are we asking?

We are asking staff to access the training via ESR and complete the relevant training modules. Depending on role, staff are asked to complete the following modules outlined below

FTSU Training levels Level 1 – Core training for ALL staff Level 2 – Line and middle management training Level 3 – Senior Leaders
All Staff



Required to complete
Staff with line/middle management responsibility


Required to complete Required to complete
All Senior Leaders, including board members, non-executive directors, and governors Required to complete Required to complete Required to complete

When does this need to be completed?

We ask that staff are provided with protected time to complete this training prior to it being made mandatory on 1st April 2023. This will avoid becoming non-compliant in allocated training on this date.

How can I access the training?

The following steps will assist you to access and complete the required training;

  1. Access your ESR account using your Smartcard or Username/Password.
  2. From the ESR Portal Page open the ‘Learner Homepage’ from the ‘My e-Learning’ portlet.
  3. Using the Search function, change the Search to ‘Learning Certification’ and type ‘FTSU’ into the free text box and select ‘Go’.
  4. Click on the appropriate Certification name for the course you are required to complete, and from the Learning Certification page click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Finish’.
  5. You receive Confirmation you have successfully subscribed to the Certification and you can now ‘Enrol’ onto the mandatory courses required.
  6. Click the ‘Play’ button to launch the training now or you can play the training at a later date from your E-Learning Enrolments on the Learner Homepage.

FTSU Accessing on ESR – Screenshots