Stress Awareness

Did you know 40% of sickness absences are taken due to stress?

Remember Stress also has a positive side as some degree of stress or pressure is considered healthy. However, excessive stress can lead to fatigue, impaired judgement and decision making, exhaustion and the onset of serious health problems - both mental and physical. The psychological effects can be damaging increased anxiety, irritability, disturbed sleep, poor concentration and aggressive behaviour can increase the risk of accidents and disrupt relationships at both work and home.

What can you do about it?

  • Stay in the present rather than always the past or future
  • Recognise our own stress indicators – all of us have different tolerances and life situations.
  • Try and keep a balance between work and home life with regular food, exercise, sleep /rest, interests, social life, etc.

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Managers did you know you can assess your effectiveness in preventing and reducing stress in your staff? Stress Management Competency Tool

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