Our Trust is committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all staff. Staff whose wellbeing and health is well supported, deliver better care, are more resilient and more engaged with their role.

This is particularly true to our Foundation Programme trainees, many of whom will have left their home town, family and friends, to work in a challenging environment.

Acknowledging difficulties

Your Foundation team are here to support you along every step of the two years at Blackpool, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice about any concerns you may have.

We’ve found that the sooner we know about an issue, any issue, no matter how small it may seem, the more effective the solution we can offer.  Sometimes it’s the small issues that manifest as much larger issues later on.

Types of difficulties

Trainee doctors can encounter a whole host of challenges, be it clinically based, professional of a more general nature, or personal and totally removed from the hospital environment.  Whether it’s a temporary or long term, physical or mental condition, any issue that may impact upon your training should be acknowledged and reported to us.

Our Foundation Programme Administrator and Foundation Programme Directors have encountered many different situations over the years and will go to great lengths to support you during your time here, to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Our process

After approaching us with a concern, if considered to have a potential impact upon your training, we would formally classify you as a Trainee Requiring Extra Support (TRES) and register you as such with NHS E.

Please do not be put off by the title of "Trainee Requiring Extra Support".  This status is a private matter and will not impede your progress during the Programme, nor have an impact upon your ARCP.  The title merely recognises that you require additional support, for as long as considered necessary by yourself and the Foundation team.

Supporting Trainees Requiring Extra Support

Any trainee requiring additional support from our team will be offered an Occupational Health assessment, from our on-site OH team.  This team will meet with you to find out the specific kinds of support required, be it counselling, etc.

Our FPDs will meet with you regularly to ensure continued support, make recommendations where applicable and keep your Supervisors up to date with progress.

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