Attending a teaching session does not mean that you are hidden from view in the hospital.  Your general conduct will be witnessed by the teaching venue staff and the speakers at each session – all of whom you may work with again in the future.  Professionalism is part of your curriculum and you will be judged at your ARCP based upon the evidence sourced.   Make a good impression from the start.

We also track lateness to teaching sessions.  Arriving on time is a basic common courtesy and shows respect to the teaching host.  The teaching is co-ordinated and conducted by many doctors working at the Trust, who have an interest in Medical Education, are specialists in their subject and have volunteered to help with the Foundation Programme.   Demonstrate your understanding of this situation by arriving in good time for the scheduled start time.

Also, as a mark of respect to the session speakers, turn your phones to silent and leave them in your bags.

Professionalism also underpins the reasons for apologising (in advance) and explaining your absence.  You would be expected to do this for any meetings or appointments throughout your career and we expect this at your teaching sessions too.