Your working day will vary between placements, but there will always be additional opportunities to enhance your training, add to your learning and map extra evidence to your HORUS portfolio.

It’s not all clinical though…

The Foundation Programme will see you work closely with nurses and other healthcare workers, as well as other trainees and senior medical colleagues, within your specialty teams. You will find that working alongside experienced healthcare professionals from all disciplines is a good way of enhancing your knowledge and strengthening your skills.


A trainee doctor will need to comfortably and effectively communicate with a range of colleagues, plus patients and their families, to discuss diagnoses, explain available treatments, or being able to deliver bad news.

A great deal of your communication skill will be enhanced on the wards in practise, but we can also help you with formal support too.


There are a multitude of opportunities to develop your clinical teaching skills throughout the Foundation Programme:

  • Undergraduate teaching
    • Bedside teaching
    • Medicine teaching
    • Surgical teaching
  • Departmental teaching
    • Case presentations
  • Foundation teaching programme
  • FY1 Induction
    • Ask To See the Patient (ATSP)
  • Grand Round

You will have the opportunity to attend leadership teaching during FY2.