There are no defined visiting times at Clifton Hospital and we support the “John’s campaign”.

John’s Campaign is a request both for access and recognition for families and carers of people with dementia. Relatives and carers should not just be allowed on the wards but should be welcomed. We see the support that relatives and carers can provide for patients as an important part of their stay with us at Clifton Hospital.

We ask relatives, carers and friends to not visit during meal times which are 8.30m, 12pm and 5pm unless they are specifically helping you eat your meal. However, if your relatives or friend wishes to visit you within these times please speak to the Nurse on duty and he/she will try to accommodate this.

We ask visitors if they have been feeling unwell in the past 48 hours that they should refrain from visiting the hospital until they are well again.

If there are people that you do not want to visit you while you are on the ward, then please inform one of the nurses.

Use of telephones

Patients at Clifton Hospital may use the telephone if they wish, and mobile phones are permitted in the ward area.

However, using a mobile telephone to take photographs of the staff, patients or facilities is strictly forbidden.

Please be sensitive and considerate to those around you when using your phone.