What should I bring with me to Clifton Hospital?

You will have seen we encourage you to wear day clothes whilst you are an inpatient in Clifton Hospital, so please bring these with you. Each bed area has a small wardrobe and drawers where these clothes can be stored.

Unfortunately, ward staff are unable to wash patients clothing and so relatives/visitors are asked to take patients clothing home to wash and return on patients behalf. Any soiled washing will be placed in soluble bags by Nursing staff which can be placed directly into your washing machine and washed at 60 degrees.

Patients also require supportive shoes and slippers that fit well to wear whilst they are with us. We also ask that if you have any walking aids or incontinence aids that you use at home to bring them with you.

A selection of toiletries are required.

Each ward has a shower room and assisted bath which patients are encouraged to use during their stay. Nursing staff can provide assistance to patients who wish to use the shower or bath during their stay at Clifton Hospital.