Daily Routine

To help you understand what a typical day at Clifton is like for a patient, we have produced an overview for you. Of course if you have any questions then please speak with a member of staff.

The ward day starts at around 7am with a morning drink.

At around 7.30am patients are encouraged to wash and dress. Assistance to do this will be given by the staff on duty, if necessary.

Breakfast starts at 8.30am. After breakfast we encourage you to take part in a variety of activities if you choose to do so.

Lunch starts at 12pm. After lunch you are encouraged to have a rest on your bed if you wish to do so.

Evening meal starts at 5pm. You will be supported to get ready for bed at whatever time you choose.

Supper is at around 9.30pm.

There are day rooms on every ward at Clifton Hospital with a television, stereo, bookcase and activity table for you to use as you and the other patients wish. We do encourage you to use the day room during your stay and not stay by your bed every day. We see this as an important part of your rehabilitation.

In the day rooms there is space where you can sit and eat your meals. As part of your rehabilitation, we encourage you to do this and staff will support you to go to the dining area at mealtimes if you wish to.