End PJ Paralysis

End PJ paralysis

We actively encourage patients to:

  • Get up
  • Get dressed
  • Get moving.

By getting up, getting dressed and getting mobile patients can:

  • Maintain their normal routine
  • Keep their independence
  • Prevent loss of muscle strength and aerobic function
  • Lower the risk of infection
  • Prevent pressure sores and falls
  • Reduce the length of time they have to spend in hospital.

Clifton Hospital is committed to supporting patients to maintain their independence and encourages patients to wear their own clothes and to be up and active as much as possible. Experience shows that this can reduce the risks that they will become deconditioned through inactivity – a state which has become known as “PJ paralysis”.

Getting up and getting dressed will also help you to recover quicker so that you can go home.

Therefore we ask that you and your relatives bring you day clothes to wear during the day. We actively encourage all patients to get up and dressed every day in their own clothes. We are keen that patients use the day rooms each day during their stay whether to watch TV, talk with other patients, read or take part in daily activities that we provide.

We also feel it’s important that patient have their meals in the dining room rather than by their beds. Our staff will support you to go to the dining rooms at mealtimes throughout your stay.

All of these activities supports your rehabilitation and helps to reduce your length of stay in hospital.

By getting up, getting dressed and getting moving daily it will reduce the risk of muscle wastage and support you get home sooner and increase your independence.

Please ask your relatives and visitors to support you and us with this mission.

Please ask them to bring in sets of clothing for you to wear during the day.