Child and Family Care

Are you thinking of working in the NHS?

Do you have children under 14?

As Europe’s largest employer, the NHS has over 250,000 staff with children
under 14 years-old.

For many staff, the availability of high-quality, affordable and reliable childcare (full or part time) is one of the most important factors in them being able to return to work and/or choosing to work in a particular location and for a given employer.

At Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we recognise this and are working continuously to increase the quantity of accessible and affordable childcare places available to staff in the region.

We have also developed a Salary Sacrifice Childcare Voucher Scheme. This allows staff members to use tax savings to reduce the cost of childcare.

We also:

  • Advise on local provision as near to your home as possible
  • Give information on the types of childcare provision available
  • Look at flexible ways of working
  • Help and advice in emergency situations when childcare has broken down
  • Have strong links with external organisations in order to provide help and advice for all carer issues.

You can contact the Child and Family Care Team on 01253 951178.