Work Experience

At Blackpool Teaching Hospitals we aim to offer a variety of work experience placements in both clinical and non-clinical areas.  A work experience placement is your opportunity to spend a period of time outside the classroom, learning about a particular job or area of work.

More people in England work for the NHS than any other organisation.  This doesn’t mean just Doctors and Nurses: it means Healthcare Assistants, Business Managers, Clerical staff, Domestics, Engineers . . . more than 350 different careers, each with a vital role to play in delivering a first class health service.

Individuals may fall into the following categories for work experience:

  • Year 11 or 12 (16-18 year-olds) Sixth Form or college students seeking work experience to meet university application requirements
  • Ad-hoc requests for the over 16s in full time education seeking NHS experience.

Ad-hoc requests from people not in full time paid employment or education

  • Undergraduate and post graduates via Higher Education institutions.

If you have applied or thinking of applying to the University for Radiography and you need some work experience, then your application will be accepted.
Please contact our Work Experience Coordinator by email at

More information can be found here: Essential Information For Work Experience Applicants

Another option is volunteering at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals and helping to provide valuable support to patients and staff. This involves providing non-clinical support and other tasks, and is another way of getting an idea of what it is like to work in the health and social care sector. Volunteering requires a significant level of commitment and is a good option for people who would like to give up some of their free time on a regular basis.