Simulation and Skills Centre

The Simulation and Clinical Skills (SCS) Centre of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is located in a purpose-built centre on the second floor of the main hospital site. Included in the unit, is a customised Simulated Based Medical Education (SBME) Unit which is accredited by Health Education North West England, as a simulation education provider.  Both the Simulation Unit and the Skills Lab as a whole are available for all healthcare and allied professionals to utilise. The dedicated team within the unit are committed to simultaneously assisting individuals or teams to reach their full potential whilst at the same time meeting Trust's core objectives of improving patient safety, and increasing staff proficiency and morale.

Clinical Skills

The Rolling Programme offers a collaborative learning facility where we deliver a seamless, accessible, standardised annual programme of clinical skills training. Delivered by Practice Development Nurses from all divisions, Specialist Nurses and Clinical Skills Facilitators it ensures individual and organisational requirements are addressed.
Courses on offer include:-

  • Aseptic Technique
  • Baseline Observations and Fluid Balance Recording
  • Blood Culture Training
  • Blood Gases Training
  • Catheterisation – Urinary (Male and Female)
  • Chest Drain Insertion (Seldinger) and Chest Drain Management
  • Clinical Skills Update Day
  • Fine Bore Nasogastric Tube – Insertion and Management
  • First Aid at Work – three day course
  • Fundamentals of Care and Enhanced Fundamental of  Care
  • Intravenous Cannulation
  • Intravenous Drug Administration
  • Massive Blood Transfusion Simulation Training
  • Human Factors
  • Tissue Viability
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Venepuncture, Blood Transfusion and Cannulation
  • 12 Lead ECG Recording

All of the above programmes can be accessed via the Trust intranet system where the key learning objectives can be viewed. A number of our customised courses are accredited by external agencies, and some have e-learning programs that need to be completed prior to attending the practical sessions.

If individuals or teams have specific learning needs that are not met by the above programs, you should contact one of the Units’ team members to discuss your learning requirements and we will do our best help.

Meeting Rooms

Integral within the SCS are a number of meeting rooms of various sizes. These rooms come equipped with A/V presentation capabilities. Once again these rooms can be booked via the Trust system or by talking to any member of the SCS team.

Simulation Centre

This North West Simulation Education Network-approved centre is a state-of-the-art facility and was officially opened in July 2013. The simulation suite has two “mock” clinical areas, which can be transformed in a variety of clinical settings; including an operating theatre. Adjacent to the rooms are covert observation areas where the scenarios can be seen and heard by teams or individuals not actively taking part in the scenario.  This technology has brought huge advantages in realism when training and allows the development of competence with confidence, in a safe environment. We have a full range of simulation manikins from a six month- old baby or seven year-old child to full adult life size manikins (male and female). One of the manikins is even capable of giving birth!

These manikins are all remotely controlled from a covert control room and have many features that allow total immersion into training scenarios:

  • Realistic heart, lung and bowel sounds
  • Facility to practice clinical skills such as catheterisation, intubation, I/V cannulation and monitoring of vital signs in real time
  • Ability to practice patient and team communication skills, as mannequins offers a two-way communication
  • Capable of facilitating basic and advanced airway skills training
  • Practice Midwifery/ Obstetric deliveries and emergencies
  • Lifelike chest movements, pulses and blood pressure sounds.

Although experienced facilitators will always be on hand to run (fly) the manikins, individuals or team are encouraged to get involved by writing scenarios and helping facilitate sessions. Clinicians who are interested in developing their educational prowess by utilising simulation are encouraged to contact the team and discuss how or when they are available to help. The Unit runs an accredited Faculty Development Course for those interested in using simulation as an educational tool. Integral to the unit is a comprehensive audio-visual (A/V) feedback system. This system allows teams and individuals to undergo debrief in a succinct and timely manner, allowing open discussions and interactions from all those involved – observers as well as participants.

Some of the manikins are controlled using wireless technologies which enables them to be moved into the clinical environment, and deliver simulation in a more naturalistic environment (In-situ Simulation). Undertaking In-situ Simulation has been shown to provide valuable information around patient safety, systems and the operational activity of wards and departments.

As the unit is accredited by Health Education Northwest England we are also able to design and deliver bespoke courses to suit individuals or organisational needs. Individuals, organisations or firms from within or external to the Trust are encouraged to contact the unit to discuss their ideas or training needs.

Working for the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will provide you with lots of opportunity to develop your skills and further your career.

As a Trust we are committed to:

  • Developing new roles and ways of working to ensure a flexible and innovative approach to staffing
  • Real equality of opportunity
  • Continual development and learning for all staff
  • Achieving a work-life balance.

We are committed to the effective recruitment, retention and development of our employees, which is why we offer a great working environment, an attractive range of benefits and excellent opportunities for training and development.

The Trust is accredited as a “Disability Confident” employer. That means we recognise our obligations to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded equal opportunity to enter employment and progress if and where possible. You can view a copy of our certificate here.