Children’s Clinic

If you need to have regular check-ups you might be asked to come to our children’s clinic at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. It is based in the Women and Children’s unit and the easiest way to find us is through the main entrance opposite the multi-story car park.

It is a safe area which can only be accessed by those people using the children’s clinic. It is a fantastic, friendly clinic with soft play areas for both toddlers and older children.

We also have an area for young people which has games consoles, magazines and a TV to keep you busy while you’re waiting.

We have a specially built sensory room for children; this is a nice relaxing space with colours, lights and sounds.

The clinic has six rooms which are used by a wide range of specialist consultants. Along with paediatric (children’s) consultants, we have consultants who specialise in many different things who look after children and are seen in the clinic.

We have a treatment room where you might go for any minor tests or treatments, such as a blood test, skin prick allergy testing and infusion of medications. This may mean patients are not always seen in the order of which they arrive.

To access the clinic:

  • Report to the main reception desk on the ground floor of the Woman and Children’s Unit.
  • You can also report in by using the electronic system, but please make sure that you update any information required.
  • You will then be given access to children’s clinic. At times you might be greeted by a volunteer. You can take a seat or play as the front desk will let us know you’ve arrived.
  • A nurse may then call you through to be weighed and your height measured.
  • As soon as the doctor is available, you will be called through to be seen in a consulting room.

Other clinics for children and young people may be held outside of the hospital.

Our service is available Monday to Friday 08.30 – 16.30.

Our direct telephone number is 01253 95 3651

If you have an appointment and can’t make it, it is helpful for your parents to call and let us know as another child may be able to use your appointment.