Children’s Assessment Unit

Children and young people aged 0 – 16 (and up to 25)

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday – 08:00-22:00
Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 – 22.00

Children come to the assessment unit via their GP or other health professionals if they need more treatment or investigations. If you are sent to the children’s assessment unit you will be assessed by a nurse and then a doctor before starting any treatment or observation. We also can measure oxygen levels and breathing rates for some children who may need this.

Observation is where you will stay with us for up to six hours so that we can see if any treatment or medicine makes you better or worse. This will help decide whether you can go home or if you should stay overnight in hospital for more treatment.

This can feel like a long wait but it’s very important to make sure that you don’t feel any worse before you go home.

Other patients may arrive after you and be seen before you; they may already have a health condition and need medication quite quickly. Don’t worry, we won’t forget about you.

  • When you arrive, you may wait a little while and then be seen by a nurse to make sure we have your details correct and we know your medical history
  • The nurse or healthcare assistant will measure your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, height and weight.
  • Soon you will see a junior doctor who will ask what is wrong and ask questions to find out more about how you feel and why you might feel ill
  • The junior doctor will speak to a registrar or consultant to decide what they should do to help you
  • You may have some tests such as giving a wee sample or a blood test
  • Most of the time you will wait in a seating area unless you are very poorly in which case you may be offered a room or a bed to rest in.

There are toys, games, books and a TV to keep you busy while you wait with us. The doctors or nurses will tell you if there is anything you can or can’t do, like eating or drinking.