Children’s Ward

Welcome to Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s children and young people’s wards.

This is our introduction video

The children’s ward is where you might stay if you’re under 11 years of age (although sometimes you may also stay here as a teenager, this is usually if we are busy).

Our ward is bright and colourful and friendly. Our play workers and patients create lots of decorations which hang from the ceiling.

We have a pirate theme; our nurses’ station is a pirate ship!

We have two main areas on the children’s ward:

Bays – These are two little separate areas with four bed spaces in each and a nurse’s station in between

Cubicles – There are seven separate rooms, usually for patients who need to be looked after separately or if they need quiet time. Three of these rooms have their own bathrooms and one has a special track and hoist system for children who need help with walking.

There are separate bathrooms and toilets.