Day Surgery

Children and young people who need minor surgery will be seen in the day surgery unit which is separate from the children’s unit.

The day surgery unit looks after all patients, but children having planned surgery will be seen on a set day when the unit only looks after children and young people.

On children’s surgery day, the surgery unit is transformed into a fun and safe space for our younger patients, the waiting room is turned into a play room with lots of things to play and do and all of the nursing staff are special children’s nurses.

  • You will be asked to come to the day surgery unit, there are two sessions so you may either arrive in the morning or around lunch time
  • It is important to follow the instructions that you have been given especially about not eating and drinking
  • When you arrive, you should tell the receptionist that you are here and you will be asked to wait in the waiting room where you can play with toys or the Wii console. It can be a long day – you can always bring your favourite toy or something to keep you busy

  • You will be called in THREE TIMES to meet the different people who will look after you during surgery. These will be a NURSE, the ANAESTHETIST who makes sure you are fast asleep and breathing right and the SURGEON who will be doing the main part of your operation
  • The nurse will ask you to your name, date of birth and address and also when you last had something to eat or drink. They will also take your blood pressure, height and weight and put some magic cream on your hand so that you can’t feel it
  • The surgeon and the anaesthetist will ask other questions about your health and medicines you take.
  • The nurse will give you a coloured band to wear over your shoulder. Any nurse or play worker you see with the same coloured band will be looking after you
  • You will then be taken back to the waiting room and you can play while you wait for your turn. While you wait a play worker will come to meet you and talk about what will happen next. The play worker can tell you about how a special medicine (anaesthetic) will send you to sleep. You can always ask any questions that you have

  • After surgery, you will be taken to a room with other patients to wake up and we will give you something to eat and drink. You might be here a few hours and your parents will be with you
  • The nurses will watch you and make sure you are well; they will also explain how to make sure you feel better and if there are any medications you have to take at home
  • When the nurses think you are ready you will be allowed to go home

We followed a young patient’s journey through the day surgery unit. Take the behind the scenes tour and find out what happens when you come to day surgery for an operation!