Trust’s ‘Doctors’ Mess’ gets a revamp

Mess president, Dr Mahmoud Abdelaziz,


DOCTORS at Blackpool Victoria Hospital have been given an updated space to spend time in.


The Undergraduate team in the Medical Education department, has funded new furniture to the ‘Doctors’ Mess’ at the hospital to allow medics to spend time in a relaxing atmosphere. 


The Mess is an area that is open to all medics at the Trust and contains three rooms, a kitchen, a dining room with a snooker table and a large lounge area.


The facility is based on the first floor at the hospital, near to Blue Skies Hospital Fund office and is regularly used as an area for doctors to study and relax in an open environment with fellow colleagues. 


The Mess has been open for many years at Blackpool and the Undergraduate team has funded a refurbishment and provided doctors with new furniture.


Mess president, Dr Mahmoud Abdelaziz, said: “The Mess has been given a new modern look and a more comfortable feel.


“We have seen an increase in the number of doctors spending time in there.


“The environment is much more relaxing and is being treated as a meeting place for doctors of all grades. 


“We have computers with access to the internet which is ideal for those wanting to come up and study. 


“Some people even come in on their days off to catch up on admin work or even just to socialise.


“It provides an ideal environment for staff to share ideas and discuss matters away from hectic clinical areas. 


“On behalf of the Mess committee, I would like to say how grateful we are for the work that the Undergraduate team has done.


“There is a clear morale boost amongst the cohort of doctors which I believe will reflect well in their clinical practice and daily lives.”


Julie Summers, Deputy Undergraduate Manager at the Trust, also thanked the Staff Accommodation Department (Facilities Division) for their support and contribution. 

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