Guinea pigs pay surprise visit to hospital patient

Fred Wilson with his guinea pigs and HCA Dean McDermott and Trainee Assistant Practitioner, Jenny Day

Two unusual visitors paid a surprise hospital visit to their Blackpool owner, 93-year-old stroke patient Fred Walker.

Staff wanted to bring a smile to the former Navy steward who has been on the Stroke Ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital since November.

A chance conversation with Trainee Assistant Practitioner, Jenny Day, started nurses thinking about how they could bring some happiness into his life.

And within minutes of arriving on the ward the pets, Max and Mable, had Fred talking and taking part in what was going on around him for the first time in many weeks.

On their day off, Jenny and Health Care Assistant, Dean McDermott, arranged with Fred’s neighbour, Steve Hirst, to bring Fred’s pets into the ward.

“The difference in Fred is brilliant,” Jenny said. “He had told me that he was missing his guinea pigs and so we arranged to bring them in. Today he is a changed man, he seems so much better. He had been so unwell and was losing interest in what was going on, but today he is quite animated.

Fred said he was delighted to

see his pets and thanked the nurses for their compassionate care.

Stroke ward manager, Leanne Macefield, praised the thoughtfulness of her staff. “I am very proud of the nurses for enabling this. They have really thought outside the box to ensure our patient gets the best care and experience possible. It is wonderful to see Fred’s reaction to being reunited with his pets.”

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