Neutropenic Sepsis

This is a term given to a serious condition when there is infection associated with low blood counts, most commonly caused by chemotherapy.

The term neutropenic refers to when there are low number of white blood cells called neutrophils in the blood.  Neutropenic Sepsis is the presence of infection often in the blood stream, lungs etc in patients with neutropenia (low neutrophils).  It is the most important and potentially very serious complication of treatment.

The key message is that patients who are having chemotherapy, who develop a temperature, should be rapidly seen by medical services for the treatment of neutropenic sepsis.  This treatment needs to occur quickly.  An information leaflet on neutropenic sepsis can be found here and a video explaining neutropenic sepsis in further detail can be found here.

Before your start chemotherapy our nursing staff will discuss the signs of Neutropenic Sepsis and the action you should take if these occur.

There is also a 24 hour helpline that you can call if you are concerned you are developing Neutropenic Sepsis.  The telephone number is 01253 953403.