Dandy’s blog- issue 4

This week has been special as I’ve have had the pleasure of meeting up with old friends who have been transferred to other wards and I have felt very honoured they have remembered me. You see, when we first meet they are very ill. Some manage to feel my fur, but were not able to look at me, and others can see me but not stroke me. So having a special request to visit them elsewhere in the hospital is ace and hearing them call my name is so rewarding. Especially when they want me to sit on the bed with them, take my photo, and have good chit chat.


Going onto different wards is also a great opportunity for me to show off my talents and let people see how good Staffies are. We might be big and solid but we are so loving and cuddly and we are excellent Pets As Therapy volunteers.


Have a barking good weekend everyone!




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