Dandy’s blog- issue 2

Our adorable Pets As Therapy dog, Dandy, has written his second blog for us to chew over…#DandyDog #PetsAsTherapy


Being a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog is never ‘woof’.


It is very rewarding and very therapeutic. One day I spent a good half hour just lying on the hospital bed with a very poorly lady.


She’d been in hospital for many weeks and wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be there.


She was missing her four-legged best friend and so when she heard about me, she instantly wanted to meet me! She wasn’t able to reach me very well, so the doctors said I could get on the bed.


I lay next to her and she stroked me until I fell asleep. Can you imagine, going to work and sleeping on the job?


Quite the opposite to the day I was acting in a film and I had to perform in front of few cameras… but I’ll save that ‘tail’ for another day.


Stay tuned for my next #PATDogBlog.


Dandydog 🐾🐶

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