Blackpool Victoria Hospital

£4m cost of missed appointments

  Missed patient medical appointments cost more than £4m a year to Blackpool hospitals. More than 39,000 patients missed their appointments in the last 12 months costing vital funds which could have been used to ensure other patients receive timely treatment. Each new appointment costs Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on average £153 and… Continue Reading £4m cost of missed appointments

Mum’s joy at medical wonder

  There is nothing all that unusual about a 16-year-old becoming a bridesmaid. But for Kirkham mum Paula Fallows it’s a day she never thought she would see. Paula’s daughter Katie Wright has endured all kinds of difficulties as a severe epilepsy sufferer. The condition left Katie with a number of different types of seizure… Continue Reading Mum’s joy at medical wonder

Staff with bingo cards

Eyes down to help stroke patients

  Health staff at Blackpool hospital have put on musical bingo sessions to help recovery for stroke patients. The fun event was part of a series of afternoon rehabilitation activities devised by staff on Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Stroke Unit. Ward manager, Rachael Bailey explained: “Bingo is great for rehabilitation, communication and encouraging dexterity and interaction… Continue Reading Eyes down to help stroke patients