Blackpool hosts A+E training event

Dr Jon Argall and Mr Kidner, emergency medicine consultants

Trainees in emergency medicine from across the North West were given an opportunity to put their skills into practice by the Trust.

A+ E trainees working in areas such as Lancaster, Greater Manchester and Liverpool spent a day training at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals in preparation for their final examinations before they become senior doctors.

The training the doctors must undertake includes monthly teaching sessions in varied hospitals.

Blackpool delivered an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OCSE) style mock exam to prepare the trainees for what is in stall for them as part of their Royal College of Emergency Medicine exams as they progress in their careers.

Emergency medicine consultant, Nigel Kidner, who facilitated the training alongside colleague, Dr Jon Argall, said: “The trainees have to pass tough exams to progress as senior doctors.

“This is the first time we ran the course on site, complementing a similar day based at Whiston Hospital last week.

“We played host to trainees from across the region, and we were assisted by trainees, fellow consultants and medical students who helped as simulated patients in the practical exams.

“The trainees used the day as a practice run through. We set up 10 practice based work stations which included scenarios covering advanced life support, eye examinations, checking patient’s histories and also a written exam.

“We also held a wellness clinic to give the trainees an alternative approach to handling stress.

“The trainees had the opportunity to prepare for their final exams so they will have gained the experience of what is required of them by practicing in our clinical skills sessions”.

Senior trainee, Rhodri Morgan-Smith from Liverpool hospital, said: “It has been really good practice and helpful for us to get in the practice before our exams.

“The facilities at Blackpool are great; I have found the hospital to be very friendly and professional”.

Mr Kidner and Dr Argall thanked the staff in Clinical Skills and Education Centre for their help throughout the event and to Deli Delite for the lunch they provided.

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