Additional support information

Useful information about preparing for birth, becoming a mum or becoming a parent.

Pregnancy and Post-birth Wellbeing Plan

Or if you are new mother you might find this useful. 

Being pregnant – Preparing to give birth

Being with your baby – becoming a mum

Bonding with your baby, becoming a parent

Being with your baby, becoming a mum!.pdf

Preparing to give birth

Post natal stay at home plan

Mental health problems and pregnancy

Information leaflets – perinatal mental health:

Eating Disorders and pregnancy

Peer support

Peer support brings together people with similar experiences. Your peers can:

  • support you and listen to how you’re feeling
  • offer empathy and understanding
  • share experiences, information, suggestions for self-care and support options


Other sources of help and information include:


Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood after Childhood Sexual Abuse

Counselling for survivors of rape and sexual abuse (South Cumbria / North Lancs)

Resources for partners and carers

Resources for self-help

Mind: free self-help activities available

The NHS Apps Library: a list of Mental Health apps

NHS Audio Guide on stress, anxiety and depression.

Headspace mindfulness and meditation

Living Life to the Full: CBT Life Skills Online course

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust: Self-help guides

Beyond Blue

MoodJuice: Help to think about emotional problems and work toward solving them

MoodGYM: A free interactive program consisting of five modules

Bonding with your baby, becoming a parent

Click here to access the webpage with all of these resources

  • why bonding matters
  • bonding before birth
  • understanding baby’s states
  • ideas for early interactions
  • tips for sleeping and soothing.