Trust staff celebrate national School Nurses Week

Brenda Eves, Alice Freshney, Donna Walsh, Dolores Taggart and Kathryn Evans on a stall during School Nurses Week

School Nurses Week has been celebrated by staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The national event took place from July 10 to 14 and school nurses across the UK presented their rich and varied work to the public.

Alice Freshney, a School Nurse Specialist Practitioner for the Trust, said: “We have been raising the profile of the School Nurse Service.

“We wanted to show people the variety of work that a school nurse does.

“We look after the health needs of the school age population. We are the link between schools and health services.

“Our work includes drop-ins at high schools, health questionnaires for reception class pupils and health testing.

“We look at continence issues and do referrals to Paediatric teams and other services. We check that pupils are seeing a dentist regularly and we take part in public health campaigns such as the GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) initiative.

“School Nursing has evolved over the years. We also look at the emotional health and wellbeing of pupils.”

The Trust’s School Nursing team has 15 members who work closely with teaching staff and other partners.

Donna Walsh, a School Nursing Assistant for the Trust, added: “We have a great job because we work with parents and children and we are also out in the community.

“Every day is different; it’s an incredibly diverse role. It’s lovely to work with children, young people, families and parents.”


A poem on School Nurses Week by Student School Nurse, Dolores Taggart

Seeing children and parents makes our day,

To help and nurture in any kind of way.

Whether it’s advice, teaching or just a smile,

Our children’s wellbeing,

Is why we walk a mile.

Hearing, speech, head lice or bed wetting,

Without any fretting.

We love our work and enjoy each task.

Whenever, whatever, you need only ask.



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