Pupils promote their NHS Super Heroes

CHILDREN of key workers at Ansdell Primary School have found their own super heroes as the NHS fights the Coronavirus enemy.

The children have drawn the Covengers, a gang of heroes, similar to those in the Marvel comics, to mark their battle against an invisible enemy.

The Covengers is made up of a variety of staff members at Blackpool Victoria Hospital who are coordinating the response of the respiratory medicine department to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The team meet daily and call themselves the “Covid Avengers” or “Covengers” for short. A respiratory consultant at the hospital, Dr Tarek Saba, told his children about this group and they have drawn pictures to show their dad and his friends hard at work.

Dr Saba explained: “My children wanted to make something to show us how they felt about their parents working at the centre of this crisis.

“I’m so delighted with their work and it’s a huge morale boost to know our children are proud of us and think we are superheroes.

“We’ve had to assemble our team to take on this challenge and it does feel like we are in our own battle and the world will always need superheroes!”

Mrs Thomas, Headteacher at Ansdell Primary added: “All of us at Ansdell Primary School were thrilled last week to be asked to produce something to support ‘The Covengers’.

“Talking about Dr Saba and his team has helped the children to understand the seriousness of the outbreak and the dedication of our NHS staff.

“Children feel strongly about making a contribution to their world so we really appreciated being able to do something positive for our local hospital.

“Coming together as a community, whether local or global, is so incredibly important – especially in these current circumstances.

“The team at Ansdell Primary School are determined to support our NHS and other key worker families.

“We want to make sure our children feel secure and supported. The current pandemic shows how important community is and how much we all need each other.”

Gracie Saba aged 8 made some artwork. She said: “I’m very happy that someone is doing something about the virus and I wanted to help.”


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