New qualifications for physiologists

TWO respiratory and sleep physiologists have received new qualifications.

Holly Liptrott has gained the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) Spirometry Certificate.

This is the nationally recognised competency assessment for all practitioners performing Spirometry which allows her onto the Spirometry National Register.

To gain the certificate she worked for six months putting together a portfolio of evidence showing a range of patients tested to ARTP standards.

Once the portfolio was passed she then visited an accredited ARTP testing centre to undergo a practical assessment and oral examination.

Colleague Heather Leonard gained ARTP Practitioner Status, the nationally recognised qualification for all practising Respiratory Physiologists.

It covers all areas of Respiratory Physiology testing and interpretation and assesses professional competence.

To gain the qualification she worked for six months to submit an Individual Record of Clinical Practice which included Full Lung Function test results for a range of patients of different ages with different disease processes.

She was questioned on her underpinning knowledge of all the test procedures, physiology of the lungs, disease process and calibration techniques.

She then visited an accredited ARTP testing centre to take a practical exam to demonstrate technical competence and a test to demonstrate her interpretation skills.

Julie Chapman, Lead Clinical Physiologist (Respiratory/Sleep), said: “As a team we are very proud of both their achievements and as their manager I would like to acknowledge all of the hard work (both in and outside of work hours) that they have put in to gain this success.’’


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