New demonstration doll to prevent harm to new babies.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals team purchases new demonstration doll to prevent harm to new babies.

Nicola Ashton-Walker and Claire Punshon looking at the baby model.

Families will be taught about the dangers of shaking a baby thanks to a new scheme from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.

The Trust’s Family Nursing team recently purchased their first ‘Shaken Baby Demonstration Models’, to accompany them on visits with new families to raise awareness of the dangers.

The team will initially introduce the demonstration models to young families who are either pregnant or with new-born babies to raise awareness and offer practical support to prevent unnecessary harm.
When the model is shaken, the brain moves violently inside the skull, just as a real baby’s brain would. The model baby shows the space between the brain and the skull through a clear viewing window, demonstrating how rough handling can impact a real baby’s brain.

The visual demonstration of the doll is just part of the support provided by the team who work with new parents to teach and support safe handling of babies. Catherine Mitton, family nurse supervisor commented, “Shaking a baby can cause permanent brain damage, blindness, and even death. Coping with a crying baby can be difficult, and we recognise frustrations can lead to sometimes rough handling or moments of anger. By educating and providing practical support with these new Shaken baby demonstration models we aim to inform and educate using this new resource.
“If anyone is feeling overly stressed and caring for a baby think first: be calm, careful and caring. It is ok to walk away briefly but never ok to shake a baby. Speak to someone if you need support such as your family, friends, Midwife, your Health Visitor or GP. We are here to help.”

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