Going The Extra Mile: award-winning colleagues who support and inspire

This week’s group of Going the Extra Mile Award winners features staff from across the Trust.

Victoria Winder, who works in Neonatal Outreach at the Neonatal Unit, was nominated by a colleague who said Victoria has gone above and beyond in the last 12 months: “She always puts 100 per cent in and goes way above for our families and her colleagues. Thank you for all your help and support, it’s very much appreciated.”

Angela Wild, who works at the Blue Reception in Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Area 4, was nominated by a patient’s mother for supporting her son.

Angela, while working on the reception, supported a family visiting for their 16 year old son, who suffers from anxiety, for a procedure. The nomination said: “The fact Angela could see he was worried and took those extra steps to reassure him meant the world to him and to me.”

Meanwhile, Julie Armfield who works for the YoutherapY team received an award for providing remote therapy for her clients throughout the pandemic. She also “recently received a glowing tribute from one of her young clients about her quality of care.”

Mr Eric Mutema, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist based in the Women and Children’s Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, received an award. The nomination read: “Your professionalism and kindness are inspirational and you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for your support and guidance with medical engagement – it’s hugely appreciated.”

Mr Mutema said: “It is humbling to receive this award as it is easy to give your best when surrounded by very inspiring colleagues.”

Agnes Beggan, who works in Raid Response at Blackpool Stadium, received an award because “she was excellent in imparting her knowledge and skills during the basic life support training, and came in on her day off.” The nomination added: “Thank you Agnes, you are a star.”

Finally, Kim Leong, a surgical locum, was nominated by colleagues on Ward 14 who praised her for “always being so approachable and helpful. He always goes beyond the call of duty and is greatly appreciated by all on Ward 14.”

Pictured clockwise from top left are: Victoria Winder, Angela Wild, Agnes Beggan, Julie Armfield, Eric Mutema

Going The Extra Mile is an initiative designed to help staff highlight the incredible work that goes on in the Trust every day.

Going The Extra Mile

Staff receive a Going The Extra Mile Award

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