Doctors awarded for their efforts to support younger medics

Mr Nigel Kidner with Dr Laura Horne and Dr Meng Jiang Lim

Dr Meng Jiang Lim has won a teaching award for his efforts in supporting younger medics at the Trust.

The Foundation Teaching Award was set up by the Medical Education department to recognise the work the training foundation doctors deliver to medical students during their time at Blackpool.

The award was won by Dr Lim with Dr Laura Horne chosen as the runner up for her effort to support younger doctors.

Dr Lim said: “It was quite unexpected to win the award as there were other colleagues of mine who worked very hard to deliver high quality teaching.

“Gaining the award has made me feel more confident when I progress to be a teacher in my GP career.

“It has helped reaffirm that my style of teaching is what students want and need and I am more than happy to continue providing this in the future”.

All trainee doctors are offered an opportunity to become involved the foundation teaching programme which involves the qualified doctors offering their knowledge to medical students who are in their fourth year of their studies to become a doctor.

The trainees can either work as a team or individually to deliver the teaching. The 12 month programme is set around the placements of the Year 4 students to support the students who will be sitting their finals exams.

Mr Nigel Kidner was recently awarded as ‘Trainer of the Year’ by the Trust and was given the opportunity to present younger doctors with this award.

He said: “I was delighted to present the awards and I’m sure Meng and Laura will feel as pleased as I was to also receive a recognition award.

“It is important that we acknowledge the efforts made by the junior doctors and share the appreciation of the students who really benefited from their time.

“The Trust is showing that it values the educational input made and that we have a culture of learning.

“Hopefully it will inspire others to contribute to such a valuable teaching programme.”


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