Blackpool Victoria Hospital to launch new ‘Community Lounge.’

Blackpool Victoria Hospital is aiming to combat social isolation by running a new, regular community event.

To be held monthly in the hospital’s Restaurant, guests will be offered complimentary tea, coffee and cake as well as programme of guests and services offering help, advice and topics of interest.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Patient Experience Lead, Andrew Heath, said: “While human connection cannot take the place of clinical interventions, it is as important to an individual and their wellbeing.

“The Community Lounge will go some way to supporting this and connecting people.”

The event will be casual affair, allowing guests to chat and make new friends. The group will also be able to suggest what guests and services they are interested in and mould the way the group evolves.

The first session will be held on February 1 in the hospital’s Restaurant from 2 until 4pm. One of the first guests will be Blackpool Carers who will be available to chat about their services. Complimentary tea, coffee and cake, sponsored by local business, will be available. All welcome.


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