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August 6, 2019
Domestic Services

1). Are your domestic services currently provided by “in house” staff or by an external contractor?

2). How many WTE domestic staff do you currently have?

3). How many WTE domestic supervisors do you have

4). Do you operate a 24 hour service?

5). What % of your staff are paid according to AFC terms and conditions, and what % are paid via an external contractor (if applicable)?

6). Who cleans and decontaminates your beds, mattresses and equipment?

7). Do you use HPV,UV or steam? If yes when do you use it?

8). How do you manage your “special cleans”?

9). Do you cross charge departments for any consumables, if yes which consumables?

10). How many hours a day would you allocate to cleaning an average ward of 30 beds?


1). We can confirm our Trust employs an external contractor

2). We can confirm that we currently have 141 FTE domestic staff

3). We can confirm we have 7 WTE supervisors

4). We can confirm that we operate a 24 hour service

5). We can confirm we have 66.6% AFC staff and 33.3% External Contractor

6). We can confirm we clean and decontaminate beds. Medical staff clean mattresses and equipment.

7). We can confirm we have 1 UVC machine.

8). We can confirm that wards/departments and  the Infection Prevention team contact domestic services for “special cleans”

9). We can confirm that we do not cross charge any departments for consumables

10). We can confirm that on average a ward of 30 beds has 7hrs allocated cleaning per day

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