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July 24, 2019
Risk Register Inpatient Mental Health

Under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), I would like to see the risk registers from all inpatient mental health facilities under your Trust. As I understand it, the risk register can refer to the risk assessment for the ward/facility. It can also refer to the staffing level requirements.

The information I am looking for is: the staffing levels, ie the number of staff required per shift and the number of staff who were actually present for the shift. However, I would prefer to have the entire document(s), particularly if this is quicker for you. If not already included in the risk registers, then please could you find for me the staff requirements (i.e. how many staff should be on duty and which type of staff) for each shift, and the number and type of staff who were actually present on each shift.

By ‘type of staff’ I mean the role of each staff member: eg support worker, mental health nurse, etc.The dates for which I would like the information are:

June, December 1990;

June, December 1995;

June, December 1998;

January, June, December 2000;

January, June, December 2003;

January, June, December 2005;

January, June, December 2007;

January, June, September, December 2010;

January, June, September, December 2013;

All of 2014-2019


We are an Acute General Hospital and not a Mental Health Unit/Hospital, Our Trust does not provide inpatient mental health care.

Inpatient mental health care in this area is provided by Lancashire Care Foundation Trust.

A link to their FOI team email address can be found here:



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