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July 15, 2019
"Primary Intermediate Mental Health "

1). In respect of the vacancy that is available, please can you provide a job description/role profile. Please can you clarify if this is also limited only to ADHD or wider needs.

2). In respect of your response to my question in respect of medication reviews for individuals aged 16-18, where such review is not linked to ADHD, please can you advise where medication reviews would be completed for a 16-18 year old who is not able to assess CAMHS, for example where they were over 16 when they transferred residence to Blackpool and as such not eligible to be seen by CAMHS.

3). Please can you provide information in respect of what is “secondary care” a I am unable to find any public information on this service and how can an individual be referred to this when they are not eligible for CHAMS and single point of access have referred to Youth Therapy.


1).The Job Description is currently with the Royal College of Psychiatrists for approval.  The post that is vacant is not for ADHD, psychiatry support for this service is commissioned direct by Blackpool Clinical Commissioning group.

2). The Primary Intermediate Mental Health team, single point of access would assess young people aged 16-18 who were not accepted by CAMHS.  If a medication review was indicated as part of this assessment this would be facilitated in Primary Intermediate Mental Health.

3). Secondary care refers to tiered access to mental health services.  Secondary care includes, Community Mental Health teams, assessment and treatments teams and acute liaison teams.  Lancashire Care Foundation Trust provide secondary mental health services.

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