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July 15, 2019
Down Syndrome

1). Do you have a care pathway for expectant women who receive a screen positive result for Down syndrome? If so, please provide a copy/link.

2). When a pregnant woman receives a screen positive result for Down syndrome is she referred for counselling? If so, to whom and when?

3). What training do the staff providing counselling have appertaining to

a) providing counselling

b) knowledge of Down syndrome?


1). Please see accompanying policy document.

OBS/GYNAE/GUID/104  page 104

2). The patient receives a telephone call from the screening midwife as soon as the test result is received from the Lab.

The screening midwife discusses the test result with the patient and offers her a consultation with herself or the consultant obstetrician.

3). It is mandatory for all midwives to complete the online e-learning training, which covers all aspects of screening and counselling.

Public Health England provide literature and on-line information for health professionals.

A screening midwife has further training in counselling by accessing an NVQ counselling course.

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