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July 9, 2019
Staff Bank Use

1). Confirmation that Trust has used a Staff Bank solution in the last 24 months (as a pilot or procured commercial contract). If yes, please provide details such as the name of the solution, and what staff groups were covered.

2). The type of staff bank solution the Trust currently has in place with the following detail:

  • Technology only
  • A Managed Staff Bank solution
  • The name of the Staff Bank solution (e.g. Litmus, Liaison, +Us, etc.)
  • The Staff Groups that the Bank solution covers
  • The procurement channel used (a framework like G-Cloud, H.T.E., CCS/CPP, SoftCat, etc.)

•           Whether the contract awarded was via a direct award or via a Tender route

3). The spend and throughput (in hours) for each category covered (Medical & Dental, Nurses & Midwifery, AHP/HSS, Non Medical Non Clinical (NMNC))

4). The name of the person(s) who are responsible for the management of the Staff Bank and their respective staff categories (if applicable).

5). If the Trust is planning on procuring a Staff Bank Solution, how this will be procured and the name of the person(s) responsible for this.


1). Locums Nest (Pilot 3 months) and Medacs Staff Bank (4 months pilot) both used for Medical and Dental Staff.

2). (Medacs Managed Service)

Medacs Bank

Medical and Dental



3). Please see accompanying document

4). Andrea Padgeon Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Retention and Medical Workforce,

Natalie Hill Temporary Staffing & eRostering Manager,

Lee Tarren Associate Director for Resourcing

5). The Trust is working as part of the wider ICS Temporary Staffing group and will be aligning services with the regional decision as it goes live.

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