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July 3, 2019
Medical Simulation Laboratory

Simulation Lab

1). Do you have a simulation lab?

2). If so, when was your simulation lab opened?

3). What was the total renovation cost for the laboratory space?

4). From which funding stream, was the lab financed with?


1). What is the annual budget for simulation training spend from 2015-2019 respectively?

2). Please provide an overview of how this budget has been spent using appropriate categories for spending (eg. equipment, staffing, facilities, etc) with corresponding amounts.

3). How much was spent on high fidelity mannequins annually between 2015-2019?

4). What mannequins does your simulation lab have (inc. manufacturer, model), and how many of each?

5). When were these mannequins purchased and from where?

6). How much did they cost?

7). What was the warranty period included with the original purchase?

8). When do the warranties expire?

9). How much does the warranty cost to renew?

10). When are the mannequins likely to be replaced?

11). How many times have the mannequins had to be repaired?

12). What is the total cost of these repairs?


Simulation laboratory staff:

1). How many staff work full-time in your simulation department?

2). How many staff work part-time in your simulation department?

Please list their job titles

3). What is the total cost of their salaries?

Simulation Session Delivery

1). How many simulation sessions did you run in 2017 & 2018?

2). How many hours of simulation training does this equate to?





Simulation Lab

1). We can confirm we have a designated Simulation & Clinical Skills Unit

2). 2008/09 converted ward into Clinical Skills lab area –  Simulation unit opened 2013

3). Dinwoodie Grant attained (£137,000 in 2011)  – Combined clinical skills and simulation unit opened July 2013 at total cost of £2,537,000.00

4). We can confirm the lab was financed from SIFT income – Service Increment For Training


1). Annual budget is circa £44,000. excluding staffing costs.

2). These funds are used to purchase consumables and cover day to day administration / facilitation costs.

To provide further detail would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust therefore we are exempting this information under section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

3). A total of £126,982 on manikins between 2015 -2019.

4). 2  general purpose adult manikins.

2  Female specific  maternity training manikins ( one of which can be used for general purpose training also)

1 infant manikin and 1 junior manikin.

We also have a very old adult manikin that we have modified into a full body laparoscopic training unit

5). Laerdal Models :

Sim Man 3 G X1* (2010),

Sim Man Essentials X 1(2015),

Sim Junior*2012) X 1,

Sim Baby* X 1(2012),

Sim Mom* X 1(2012),

Nursing Annie* X 1(2014)

6). *= manikins purchased under previous management – exact cost at time of purchase unknown.

To provide further detail would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust therefore we are exempting this information under section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

7). Sim Man Essentials has an extended 5 year warranty  secured at time of purchase

CAE Manikins : Lucina X 1(2017) annual warranty for 5 year period

All manikins were purchased with a full manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labour.

8). Please see above

9). Warranty renewal costs vary but manikins that are older than 5 years old are due to be replaced / upgraded as a rolling program plan ( funded from medical education funds at present ) – however as the majority of manikins have been well cared for this has been deferred to an as required basis.

10). Please see above

11). Basic repairs are done by our own staff. Complex repairs necessitating manufacturer input have been rare with only 2 units requiring significant work in the past 3 years (all covered by warranties)

12). Under warranty


Simulation laboratory staff:

1). We have one designated staff member for the Simulation unit but staff from the clinical skills unit also supports the simulation suite on a regular basis.

2). We also have 2 consultants who work with the simulation team on a regular basis

1 x band 7 staff member  – Practice Skills Facilitator – Simulation lead

2 X Consultants each having 1 PA per week to support simulation

3). The requested information relates to a very small number of individuals and to provide further detail may breach their confidentiality. Therefore we are exempting this information as personal and applying Section 40(2).

Simulation Session Delivery

1). Total Delivered       Total Hours

        2016 – 149                    596       

        2017 – 204                    816

        2018 –  214                    856

2). Each session runs on average for approximately 3-4 hrs including debrief.


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