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July 23, 2019
Inpatient Assaults At Mental Health Facilities

I am looking for information about assaults which took place at inpatient mental health facilities. Please can I have the following information:
– Number of assault(s)
– Nature of assault (verbal, physical, both)
– Location of assault (ie name of facility, ‘X ward’)
– Assault report(s) (redacted for personal confidentiality as necessary)
Please could this information be separated into:
– Assault(s) by patient to another patient
– Assault(s) by patient to staff
– Assault(s) by staff to patient
Date range: every month and every year inclusive 1990 – 2019


We are an Acute General Hospital and not a Mental Health Unit/Hospital, Our Trust does not provide inpatient mental health care.


Inpatient mental health care in this area is provided by Lancashire Care Foundation Trust.


A link to their FOI team email address can be found here:



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