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September 25, 2018
Problem Gaming

Could I please have the types of services offered for internet gaming disorder/ gaming addiction at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

–          The number of behavioural specialists on gaming addiction within the trust

–          Number of child and adolescent specialists who offer treatment for this disorder

–          Lowest age limit for referral to service

–          Number of job title of mental health professionals within each service who offer treatment for internet gaming disorder

I would also like to gather specific information about any people who have been referred for treatment for internet gaming disorder/ gaming addiction over the past five years:       

-Number of referrals for problem gaming

-Age of referrals

-Gender of referrals

-Type of treatment

-How many completed treatment

-How many dropped out of treatment

-How many are currently in treatment

– Any games that were mentioned as specific issues



We can confirm our Trust does not run a service to treat gaming disorders nor have we received any referrals for this condition.

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