The Safety Culture Survey

We have all been working hard to make a lot of changes within the Trust to improve Safety, in line with our ambition of ‘no harm.’

To ensure our changes are having an impact, it is important for us to measure the Safety Culture within the Trust, as the culture of an organisation, division or team has an impact on patient safety outcomes.

It is for that reason that we have launched the Trust’s very first Safety Culture Survey so that our colleagues can give us a better understanding of what the safety culture at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is really like. We can only really understand Safety Culture by YOU telling us. Everyone’s voice is important, regardless of your role or years of experience.

You can watch a short video introduction to the survey here:

The first division to test the Safety Culture will be Surgery, Anaesthetics, Critical Care and Theatres. This division has been chosen because it is a large division with a wide range of staff that are representative of the wider trust, and many of our colleagues within SACCT have already been working on improving safety culture.

We are trying to establish an enduring culture of improvement and want to make sure that the changes that we are making a difference, and that they are being sustained. Therefore, we encourage all of our colleagues within SACCT to complete the survey.

As a “thank-you”, the department with the highest percentage of completed surveys will win a hamper of special treats.

Click here to complete the Safety Culture Survey.

If you have any questions or issues relating to the survey please email