Please keep taking PRIDE in your work

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First of all, no doubt you have noticed a few changes around our hospitals – they are getting busier for a start! There are mask stations where everyone can sanitise their hands and don a mask as they enter any building. The new signage reminding people to keep to the left of the corridors and maintain social distance is clearly visible in many areas and thank you for following the instructions. This is really important so please keep it up.

The Government may have announced on Tuesday that there would be a relaxation of the two metre social distancing rule but I would still urge everyone to stay two metres apart wherever possible, keep washing your hands thoroughly and regularly and follow as many precautions as you can such as wiping down your work spaces and desks at the start and end of your shift.

A crucial part of the Trust moving forward after the initial surge of COVID is antibody testing and I’m delighted to report that we have now tested over 5,000 staff, with around 18% showing they have antibodies to COVID. Well done to everyone involved in this massive effort.

The data is important and provides clear evidence of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the social distancing measures put in place.

Bringing a sense of Pride to staff

JUNE is PRIDE Month when LGBTQ+ people usually take to the streets to promote and celebrate equality, acceptance and the strength of the LGBTQ+ community. It is a time to remind us that across the world, in 2020 the LGBTQ+ community are still fighting for the right to be safe, to be legal, for the right to get married or to have children.

At BTH we are determined to be inclusive and equitable. We want all of our staff to feel able to be who they are at work. To support this we held a Virtual Pride event today where we invited colleagues to listen and to learn more about how we can promote, champion and encourage LGBTQ+ diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. Thanks to all who helped organise the event.

BAME staff engagement

WE held our second BAME staff engagement session this week via Microsoft Teams with more than 70 staff members signed up for the session. Again it was a very positive session where myself and fellow directors Dr Jim Gardner and Kevin Moynes were able to hear the views of staff and give some updates and assurances on relevant topics such as PPE staff welfare.

One issue that was mentioned was that some staff in certain areas didn’t feel comfortable about speaking up when they had a concern. That was a worry for me as I want to assure each and every member of staff that all members of the Board want to hear from you if you have a concern. You can contact any of us at any time with any issue you may have as that is the way we make improvements for everyone. The sessions were recorded and will shortly be available as podcasts which will be available to all staff.

Thank you once again to everyone. Your support has been amazing.

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