Christmas wishes to all

Trust Chief Executive, Kevin McGee

Kevin McGee

AS we move towards the end of 2020, I wanted to personally thank each and every member of the Trust for your hard work, dedication and professionalism during what has been a challenging and busy year.

The Trust is a very special place to work and has experienced some amazingly challenging times over the past 12 months with the COVID pandemic dominating everything and providing huge challenges and demands but day after day you all make such a massive positive difference to our patients, their families and our communities.

Despite everything there’s been a real emphasis on rising to these challenges and delivering the best care possible. We have a great team of people that work here and I’m looking forward to a much better year for everyone in 2021.

I am truly proud of each and every one of you.

For those who are working over the festive season – thank you for serving patients and the community at a time when others are enjoying a break.

Following the changes to national restrictions over the Christmas period, we recognise that many of you working on Christmas Day may have been planning to celebrate and spend time with your families on another day, and now are unable to do so.

In recognition of this, the Executive Team and myself are providing an additional day off in lieu to all staff who will be working on Christmas Day. This will work by adding the number of hours worked on Christmas Day to your leave balance on HealthRoster, to enable some additional leave to be taken at a later date.

We hope this will allow you to spend time with your families at some point in the future.

May you all have a joyous Christmas with your family and your friends and I hope that 2021 brings you peace and fulfilment.

Thank you to Blue Skies

IT is difficult to imagine what it would be like to have to spend Christmas Day as a hospital patient.

It must be hard to be away from families at such a time so that is why it must be such a lift for them to all receive a present on Christmas Day from our staff. We will be able to offer that again this year thanks to the amazing efforts of our Blue Skies charity and local supporters.

More than £4,500 has been raised to buy 900 presents which will all be well received I’m sure. Thank you to everyone who has supported this appeal once again. It is a huge effort.

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